About Barry's

Who We Are

Barry’s of Norwich has been selling fabric on the historic Norwich Market since 1968. Our story started with Barry Read first setting up shop on the Market selling fabrics he purchased from wholesalers right across Britain, and takes us to today when in 2018, Josh Worley and his family took over the reigns as Barry retired.

A Few Words About

Our Team

Our team are what makes Barry’s what it is. They’re always there to help you with all your fabric and textile needs (or just a chat if you fancy!)

Debbie Worley

Owner & Stall Manager

Ann Smith

Stall Manager

Josh Worley

Marketing Guru


Chief Doggo

Barry's Gone Green

100% Renewable Electricity

Our stall runs on 100% renewable electricity, meaning all our power comes from sustainable, green energy sources like wind or solar.

Paper Bags

We've switched the old plastic bags for new, paper bags which are 100% recyclable.

Biodegradable Mailing Bags

When you order online, your fabric will be delivered in a 100% biodegradable mailing bag. Once you're finished with it, stick it in your compost bin!